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\”Who will discover the secrets of Flower of Life-Shri Yantra,a symbol older then 12000 years ,will know all the secrets of the Universe\”;
\”Cine va descifra secretele Sri Yantra,un simbol mai vechi de 12000 de ani,va descoperi toate secretele universului\”..

If you think in terms of Energy, Vibration,Frequency and Information(in+form) you will discover that today\’s medical sciences use exclusively medication(chemical drugs) as a material vector of energy and information to control psychosomatic disorders(pain,anxiety,depression,insomnia, blood pressure, fever,sugar level..).
Is it too radical to suggest that the body and mind can be affected directly by M(morphogenetic) field as a vector of therapeutic information ?
This site is about the Science and Technology of Morphogenetic conversion devices of the allpresent cosmic energy into the vital Healing Energy (Qi,Chi,Ki,Prana;Orgone;M-Field,Torsion field);
Here you will discover conversion devices and generators of M-Field like:Shri Yantra,2D&3D Pyramids, Grail Star,Merkaba,Chakras, Mudras,Mantras-Sounds Matrix & Nanotechnological structures of living beings(plants,insects) and revolutionary therapeutic devices for DNA Repair,Regeneration and treatment;
A breakthrough in Medical Science and Technology for the treatment of the gross and subtle disorders of the material ,energy and information bodies; Its Applications:Healing,Anesthesia,Sleep induction,Weight Loss, Longevity,Indefinite Life Prolonging,Regeneration ,DNA Repair, Beauty Care & Cosmetics, all the psychosomatic disorders.
Conexiunea dintre Sfantul Graal , Simbolul crucii, Shri Yantra, Anahata Chakra(centrul energetic subtil al Inimii), Scutul lui David(David Magen) si Sigiliul lui Solomon

We investigate Regeneration and Growth control of tissues-Breast increase,Extension of Sensory Inputs (Seeing in other frequency domains,Energy Drugs,Orgasm;Intoxication;Pleasure activation),Technological Synchronization for Awakening,Centering,Alignment,
Mind Control, Programming, Superlearning , Memory extension.
M-Field Generators open the Technological access to Supernatural Powers (Defensive field,Invulnerability,Invisibility, Levitation, Telepathic synchronization, Space-Time Travel,Teleportation;Fire Walking, Memory activation , Knowledge of the Past and the Future,Remote Viewing,OBE,NDE);
Using new holographic projection devices of M(morphogenetic) field energy we will be able to control Space-time matrix and to open a way to galactic travel;
In our posts you will discover available short video clips for illustration(Qigong;qi projection;prana projection)
See also:
Mantra-Yantra Connexion
OM(AUM) Mantra
The most sacred symbol in Hindu spiritual tradition is the seed(bija) or the essence of all mantras and the sound of the infinite.Aum is said to be , the highest of all Mantras or Divine word (shabda), Brahman (Ultimate Reality) itself.Aum is said to be the essence of the Vedas.
By sound and form,
AUM symbolizes the infinite Brahman (ultimate reality) and the entire universe.
A stands for Creation
U stands for Preservation
M stands for Destruction or dissolution
This is representative of the Trinity of God in Hindu dharma (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva)
The three portions of AUM relate to the states of waking, dream and deep sleep and the three gunas (rajas, satva, tamas)

The three letters also indicates three planes of existence, heaven (swarga), earth (martya) and netherworld (patala)
;All the words produced by the human vocal organ can be represented by AUM. A is produced by the throat, U & M by the lips & nose
;In the Vedas, AUM is the sound of the Sun, the sound of Light. It is the sound of assent (affirmation) and ascent -it has an upwards movement and uplifts the soul, as the sound of the divine swam(hamsa),eagle or falcon.
We are sound. Every cell is a mandala of sound, a unique signature of sound, which is from the original mandala, which is the AUM of Meru. Dr. Lawrence Blair has shown on a tonographer, that the AUM sound resonates the sand into mount Meru, the Shri Yantra, which is really the basis of life

Sound it\’s all around us, no matter what we do, or where we go. The vibrations of the molecules that generate the effects on our ears we call sound. But what if sound goes deeper than that? What about the aspect of sound that goes beyond what we can hear? As the ancient Buddhist koan asks \”if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?\” What about the aspect of sound that exists apart from our capacity to hear?
Sound waves in water
Sound is the Primordial substance from which our whole Reality is made, and from which our Universe originated. Whether you consult the Sanskrit Vedas, or the Bible, it is still Sound which is considered the heart of all existence. \”In the beginning was the Word,\” and only afterwards was proclaimed, \”Let there be light.\” Sound preceded all that we see. So powerful and all-pervasive, and yet we pay very little attention to it, and so often confuse it with noise.
A device that uses standing waves to draw text and pictures on the surface of water
From the great Japan-based blog Pink Tentacle, a report on a device that uses standing waves to draw text and pictures on the surface of water. There is an intimate connection between sound and light, like twin flames of each other, wherever there is one, the other exists as well. Sound is the underlying fabric of vibration which creates the light patterns we see around us. In the Cymatics research of Dr. Hans Jenny, he shows on videotape the different patterns formed when varying sound frequencies were introduced into a plate with sand crystals. Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation shows another correlation between sound and form, by looking at the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, whose shapes correspond with their wave form shape when sounds of the same letters are analyzed. In another experiment, Tibetan monks were recorded chanting the OM. This was then played through a resonator plate, with sand crystals on top. Within seconds, the sand began to vibrate and form a pattern called the Sri Yantra (1), which is considered in the Hindu belief to be a Creation pattern of the Universe. The implication is that for every sound there is a corresponding shape or pattern that we can see. One of the oldest uses of sound is for ceremonial and religious purposes. Whether the chanting of a Hindu mantra, the recitation of the Jewish cantor, a Christian hymn, or the call of a Moslem muezzin, sacred sound makes its way into all of the various world\’s religions. According to Robert Lewis: \”The purpose of music in religious service is to raise the vibratory rate of a congregation upward through a series of overtones to a spiritual level.\” Architecture as Sound As early as 4,000 B.C, the Egyptian mystery schools found that sound and geometry were inextricably linked. Later, the ancient Greeks used the \”Pythagorean Table,\” also known as the Lambdoma, as one of the first tools to translate mathematic harmonics into their equivalent sound counterparts. \”Ultimately, the effect of altering brainwave frequencies inside a kiva is that the person and the sacred space become one and the same.\” –Freddy Silva, Secrets in the Fields
Om Mantra in Mandukya Upanishad

Mantra OM in Yoga Meditation, Vedanta and Tantra

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