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Graal Star -Adevarul ascuns in Simbolul cel mai venerat de omenire
Grail Star -The Hidden Truth of Mankind\’s Most Revered Symbol
Conexiunea dintre Graal Star si Simbolul Crucii si Shri Yantra,Anahata Chakra(Simbolul centrului energetic al Inimii),Scutul(Steaua) lui David ( Magen David in lb.ebraica) si Sigiliul Regelui Solomon
The Connexion between Grail Star and The Symbol of the Cross,Shri Yantra,Anahata Chakra(The Heart Subtle Energy Center),The Shield of David( The Star of David or Magen David in Hebrew), and King Solomon\’s Seal(Sigillum Solomonis, \”Le Sceau de Salomon, secret perdu de la Bible\” (The Seal of Solomon, lost key of the Bible)
In miturile celtice anterioare crestinarii se vorbeste despre un vas (cazan) care inzestra apa pusa in el cu extraordinare puteri de vindecare si regenerare.

Conform mitologiei crestine Sfantul Gral(Graal)- elixirul cunoasterii, mama intelepciunii si izvorul vietii fara de moarte -era o farfurie,un platou,ori o cupa care poseda puteri supranaturale. Sfantul Graal era vasul folosit de Iisus in seara Ultimei Cine (\”Cina cea de Taina\”), petrecute alaturi de ucenicii Sai. Ulterior apare in prim-plan Iosif din Arimatea, care ar fi umplut acel vas cu sangele Mantuitorului coborat de pe Crucea Rastignirii. Vasul a fost adus de Iosif, sau de fiul sau, in Marea Britanie.
Ulterior,in \”Legenda Regelui Arthur\”(versiuni,care au devenit populare din secolul al XII-lea), Arthur i-a adunat pe Cavalerii Mesei Rotunde si s-au angajat in aventuri fabuloase, inclusiv cautarea Sfantului Graal
(Sfantului Pocal) pe care l-au gasit pana la urma ;See also:
According to Christian mythology, the Holy Grail was the dish, plate, or cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper, said to possess miraculous powers. The connection of Joseph of Arimathea with the Grail legend dates from Robert de Boron\’s Joseph d\’Arimathie (late 12th century) in which Joseph receives the Grail from an apparition of Jesus and sends it with his followers to Great Britain; building upon this theme, later writers recounted how Joseph used the Grail to catch Christ\’s blood while interring him and that in Britain he founded a line of guardians to keep it safe. The quest for the Holy Grail makes up an important segment of the Arthurian cycle, appearing first in works by Chrétien de Troyes.The legend may combine Christian lore with a Celtic myth of a cauldron endowed with special powers.The development of the Grail legend has been traced in detail by cultural historians: It is a legend which first came together in the form of written romances, deriving perhaps from some pre-Christian folklore hints, in the later 12th and early 13th centuries. The early Grail romances centered on Percival and were woven into the more general Arthurian fabric.Some of the Grail legend is interwoven with legends of the Holy Chalice. from:

see also:The Cross of Thoth-The Hidden Truth to Mankind\’s Most Revered Symbol
Can you crack the enigma of the Shepherd’s Monument at Shugborough? The Code … purporting to link the painting with mysterious orders and the Holy Grail.

Grail Seekers and Codebreakers

Arheologia moderna si-a gasit noi unelte: cercetatorii englezi folosesc faimosul spargator de coduri „Enigma“ in incercarea de a gasi Sfantul Graal(Sfantul Pocal). Experti britanici de la un centru care se ocupa cu studierea celui de-al doilea razboi mondial si-au asumat dificila sarcina de a elucida misterul unor inscriptii despre care se spune ca ar indica locul in care se afla Sfantul Graal. Pentru a reusi in misiunea lor, ei au apelat la spargatorul de coduri „Enigma“. Da, este vorba de faimosul cod in care erau incifrate documentele celui de-al Treilea Reich. Complicatele operatiuni de descifrare se vor aplica unui text inscriptionat pe un monument din imprejurimile tinutului Staffordshire. Este vorba de monumentul Sheperd, construit in jurul anului 1748 de catre familia Anson, despre care se spune ca ar fi avut legaturi cu ordinul cavalerilor Templieri, legendarii „protectori“ ai Sfantului Graal;


The Cross of Thoth-Incredible discovery of the truth behind the Celtic Cross and the secrets of our ancestors. Absolutely massive story!

The Ark, The Shroud and Mary

Reconstruction of the chest discovered by the Crusaders in a cave at Jebel Madhbah in the 1180s. Although of Egyptian design, it was remarkably similar to the descriptions of the Ark given in the Bible:

This movie proves that The Ark of The Covenant is neither in Aksum in Ethiopia, nor Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, and it reveals its true location.

It is compiled from JAH\’s research; which can be found throughout this site; and selected and corrected footage from \”The Lost Ark\” by Bruce Burgess.

The Truth about
The Ark of The Covenant

– Duration: 58 min
– Filesize: 14,7 Mb
– 56K modem stream
Realvideo 8 codec
– Resolution: 240×192

The Book of THoTH – Wisdom of the Ages

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