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Relatia dintre cresterea fara precedent a radiatiei de fond si cancer The relationship between background radiation exposure and cancer

Tehnologia repararii ADN folosind GRAAL STAR si QI MAGEN este deja o necesitate intr-o epoca in care alinierea galactica a declansat o cresterea fara precedent a radiatiilor de fond emise de ecuatorul Caii Lactee ,dar si o amplificare a radiatiei Soarelui, bomba termonucleara pe care o avem deasupra capetelor .O prima consecinta a fost instabilizarea campului magnetic terestru si a protectiei pe care o oferea ionosfera(gaura din patura de ozon este doar un efect al scaderii campului magneti terestru)cresterea radiatiei de fond si amplificarea declansarii de mutatii ale ADN(cancer,boli provocate de virusi mutanti).

Gamma-ray image of the sky

If you could see gamma-rays, these two spinning neutron stars or pulsars would be among the brightest objects in the sky. This computer processed image shows the Crab Nebula pulsar (below and right of center) and the Geminga pulsar (above and left of center) in the \”light\” of gamma-rays.

These two x-ray images of the Sun were taken at two different times in the Sun\’s 11-year cycle of magnetic activity–near a minimum (left) and a maximum (right), also called Solarmin and Solarmax At Solarmin, magnetic activity is lower, and less heating of the Sun\’s corona occurs, making it appear dark at x-ray wavelengths. Solarmax is another story altogether. Image courtesy of Yohkoh.

High energy gamma rays emitting from the Milky Way result of artificial bending of space and time?
India Daily Technology Team
Jan. 9, 2007

High energy gamma rays emitting from the Milky Way in November, 2005,by physicists at nearly a dozen research institutions, including New York University.This discovery evidence for very high energy gamma rays emitting from the Milky Way, marking the highest energies ever detected from the galactic equator. The research team, which includes nearly 40 physicists, reported that Milagro, positioned at an altitude of 8600 feet in the Jemez Mountains, detected a signal along the galactic equator region and interpreted it as arising from gamma rays with a median energy of 3.5 trillion electron-volts, or 3500 times the mass-energy of a proton. Previous satellite experiments have seen gamma-ray emissions along the galactic equator reaching up to energies of only 30 billion electron-volts.

Solar cycles will peak in 2012 ��� the devastation can be severe as 400-year cycle repeats itself
India Daily Technology Team
Dec. 24, 2006

Data from NASA and other scientific sources point to something big in 2012. The solar cycles will peak like never before in the last 400 years. The 400 – year cycle normally is associated with severe volcanoes, earthquakes, devastating floods, storms and Tsunamis. Many of these 400-year cycles have seen mind boggling super volcanoes. Solar cycle 24, due to peak in 2010 or 2011 may be delayed by six months to a year it seems. But effects of that delay can be severe.

When a gust of solar wind hits Earth\’s magnetic field, the impact causes the magnetic field to shake. If it shakes hard enough, we call it a geomagnetic storm. When moderate in historical terms, these storms cause power outages and make compass needles swing in the wrong direction. Auroras are a beautiful side-effect. But when the magnitude escalates many times, many other geo-physical effects start happening. The amount of geomagnetic activity now tells the scientists what the solar cycle is going to be like 6 to 8 years in the future.

Earthquakes and volcanoes show extreme disturbance in the outer and inner core of the earth – havoc in 2012?
Media Release
Dec. 4, 2006

A computer model monitoring the recent seismic disturbances ��� earthquakes and volcanoes show extreme disturbance in the outer and inner core of the earth. The interaction of the inner core and the rest of the earth cause the electromagnetic properties of the earth. The ongoing polar reversal is accelerating and will eventually have reverse polarity in North and South pole. According to the simulation model, the earth���s inner core and outer core is going through some serious disturbances. That in turn is influencing the viscous semi fluid mantle. When that happens, the convection within mantle increases substantially. That is also influenced by solar polar reversal. In our modern age we have not experienced a simultaneous solar and terrestrial polar reversal. Between now and 2012, these disturbances will keep increasing making earth���s crust and tectonic plates very disturbed causing severe volcanoes and earthquakes.

In the last four months the earth experienced the largest three earthquakes in the last two hundred years. The under water volcanoes and earthquakes have gone up 88% over the last three years. The continental earthquakes have gone up by 62% during the same time frame. The rate of increase of these earthquakes and volcanoes when drawn against time is staggering.

Some scientists are now afraid that we are moving towards 2012 with ticking time bomb under us. Something catastrophic like the lost world Atlantis can repeat.

The relationship between background radiation exposure and cancer
India Daily Media Release
Jan. 3, 2007

It is important to understand that exposure of a person to radiation does not mean they will get cancer. People are exposed to radiation on a daily basis, mainly from natural sources in the environment and to a lesser extent from human activities such as medical X-rays. This radiation exposure is measured in units of dose called millirem. Natural sources of radiation include radon, other naturally occurring radioactive material in the Earth, cosmic rays, and even some radioactive materials that naturally occur in a person\’s body. All of these radiation sources contribute to what is often referred to as \” It is important to understand that exposure of a person to radiation does not mean they will get cancer. People are exposed to radiation on a daily basis, mainly from natural sources in the environment and to a lesser extent from human activities such as medical X-rays. This radiation exposure is measured in units of dose called millirem.

Natural sources of radiation include radon, other naturally occurring radioactive material in the Earth, cosmic rays, and even some radioactive materials that naturally occur in a person\’s body. All of these radiation sources contribute to what is often referred to as \”background radiation.\” Over the course of a year, the average person will be exposed to a total of about 360 millirem of background radiation, with about 300 millirem of that total coming from natural background radiation (that is radon, cosmic rays, and rocks and soils). Over 50 years, the average person will be exposed to about 15,000 millirem of natural background radiation.

Scientists use what is called a health effects estimator to predict how many people in a population who are exposed to radiation would be expected to die from cancer. The number of fatalities increases with the amount of radiation; the more radiation to the same size population the more health effects would be predicted. As an example, people living in Denver, at an altitude of 1,500 meters (5,000 feet), receive an annual radiation dose that is higher than the average person who lives near sea level. The extra radiation dose from cosmic radiation contributes about an extra annual 30 millirem to each person in Denver. Using the health effects estimator, a scientist would calculate a slightly higher estimate of health effects in Denver than in the same sized city near sea level because of this extra 30 millirem.

This scaling method of estimating cancer fatalities from radiation dose may overestimate the number of expected fatalities from low level radiation. This is because some scientists have evidence suggesting there may be a minimal threshold of radiation exposure necessary for a cancer fatality to be possible. These scientists reason that the human body may repair the small number of cells that may be damaged from low level radiation exposure.

.\” Over the course of a year, the average person will be exposed to a total of about 360 millirem of background radiation, with about 300 millirem of that total coming from natural background radiation (that is radon, cosmic rays, and rocks and soils). Over 50 years, the average person will be exposed to about 15,000 millirem of natural background radiation.

Radiation from the Sun at different Wavelengths

Radiation from the Sun is photographed using a spectrometer and is analyzed through the use of a spectrograph. The dark lines in the spectrum are called absorption lines, and are caused by the absorption of radiation by elements in the Sun���s atmosphere. By studying these absorption lines, scientists are able to identify the elements present in the Sun. The prominent line at the red end of the spectrum is one of the hydrogen lines and the lines in the yellow indicate the presence of sodium.

The Sun at different Wavelengths

The Sun emits light primarily in the visible spectrum, but it also emits at other wavelengths, as illustrated in the following figure. (Recall that the visible part of the spectrum extends from about 4000 �� up to about 7500 �� in wavelength.) The following false-color images show the Sun at X-Ray and UV wavelengths.

The Sun at X-Ray wavelengths The Sun at UV wavelengths

The X-Ray image was ta
ken in 1992 with the Yohkoh Soft X-ray Telescope (SXT). Since X-Rays are normally emitted from objects having temperatures of millions of degrees, this indicates that such hot spots occur in the Sun\’s upper atmosphere and corona. It is not completely understood why the Sun is producing the broad diffuse X-Ray glow seen in this image (more info). Here is the most recent Yohkoh image, and here is an MPEG movie (about 100 kB) of SXT observations for the last month.

The UV image was taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). It is sensitive to the light emitted by highly charged iron ions at high temperature. In the image, lighter regions are at temperatures of about 1 million degrees, while darker regions are somewhat cooler (more info)

Current Solar Images at Various Wavelengths

Here are current solar images in various wavelength bands:

where, for example, the notation Fe XII (195 ��) denotes imaging in the light of a 195 Angstrom transition in the +11 charge state of iron (chemical symbol Fe, ionization state 12, with the neutral atom denoted Fe I).

Cosmic gamma radiation

The cosmic gamma rays constitute the highest-energy domain of electromagnetic spectrum. Gamma-ray photons emitted by celestial bodies are ten of thousand times more energetic than photons of visible light.

Visible light radiation has wavelength range from about 4000 angstroms to 7000 angstroms. This corresponds to an energy of two or three electron volts comparing to gamma-ray photons energy domain which starts at about 100 keV.


People have always been exposed to natural radiation. We are exposed to radiation from our environment and from within our bodies. The average person living in the U. S. receives a radiation dose of about 360 mrem every year. This comes as a combination of both natural and man-made sources of radiation.

Natural Background Radiation

This exposure is a result of cosmic rays (radiation from the sun and outer space), radioactivity in the earth\’s crust (rocks and soil), radon gas, and radioactive material present in our bodies (e.g. potassium,carbon) from our food and water.

Natural Background Radiation = 295 mRem (82%)

Manmade Radiation = medical + consumer products= 63 mRem (18%)


URGENT – The Romanian scientist Prof. Dan Mirahorian, inventor and developer of the \”Qi Magen\” therapeutic device, is undergoing harassment in Romania and now stands falsely accused of causing the death of a 92-year-old man who died this past summer. His open letter to the President of Romania is reprinted here on; his breakthrough efforts in developing cutting-edge medical technologies need the support of forward-thinking and open-minded citizens everywhere.

For more information, please visit his site:

From the desk of Dan Mirahorian:

I have arrived(13.12.2006) at an Internet Caffe to see my messages.There are over 600 e-mails from friends from all over the world asking me what they have done to me in Romania in order to stop my work.The same thing has happened to Gogu Constantinescu (1881 – 1965) a Romanian scientist, engineer and inventor after his first sonic locomotive railway engine was sabotaged to run off the rails . During his career, he registered over 130 inventions. He is the creator of the Science and Theory of Sonics, a new branch of mechanics, in which he designed generators and motors using the transmission of mechanical energy through vibrations in fluids. –

It seems that here in Romania the strategic impact of my discoveries is not appreciated

I have been called yesterday at the phone by a lot of people and they encouraged me not to let me thrown down,although I cried my eyes out for 3 hours because I can not finish anymore what I have to do


My new friends from Lotus Project (the group of dr.Dan Burisch) has presented on their site one article from my forum, accompanied by the top of my site page:

The group of dr.Dan Burisch is working in the same field as me,to create a regeneration and DNA repair device,which will be able to extend the life span indefinetely and to realize an efficient protection against an attack from mutant viruses (we have no natural defenses against Genetically Engineered viruses and the antivirals have proved to be unefficient), [see: Dr. Dan Burisch, working on the Lotus project has witnessed an extra-terrestrial presence at Area 51 seeks immunity to stand before a Congressional hearing or other appropriate public body, to disclose his first-hand knowledge, with proof, of U.S. government involvement in designer viruses and other black-ops]

I felt they have been skeptical ,not believing that in an underdeveloped country ,like Romania there is one reseacher shoulder to shoulder with their high-tech researches.

For this reason I opened my posts with the holographic principle- The Universe is Holographic -The Whole World is Here and Now- Everyone is a Center and the Center is Everywhere- You are in the center of the wheel where all spokes of light reflections on a night lake are meeting(see: Lao Tzu-47)

See also:

My first letters to dr. Dan Burisch began like this:

Greetings from Romania the country of Coanda.Tesla,Brancusi and Eliade

The science team from Regenetics(wave genetics) has sent me before this episode an appreciation letter and their accord to present their research on my site in order to show my readers that in Romania my device Qi Magen was more advanced and created 2 years before

I was invited to join their group on Zaad in order \”to change the world\”:my answer to their slogan is on my blog \”Be the change you want to see in the world\”(Ghandhi) :

\”The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don\’t do anything about it\”. (Albert Einstein);\”The opposite of love is not hate, it\’s indifference.The opposite of art is not ugliness, it\’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it\’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it\’s indifference��\”(Elie Wiesel).

Below there are some hints of my work

I have realized a CD recording for Guided Awakening,healing and Centering which can induce synchronization in alpha waves of the brain in 15 minutes .

This recording alone has modified water crystals better than was shown to have been done by a spiritual master in Masaru Emoto research.This brain wave synchronization method in 15 minutes of imersion in the sound field of tho loudspeakers( has triggered telephathy in my subjects ) is obtained after several months of training using Biofeedback and Silva methods -zen buddhism monks obtain this brain wave synchronization in alpha rithm after several years of training ) see on:

You can see the way in which the water crystals are influenced by this recording in the presentation prospect of the method of \”Guided Relaxation for Healing and Centering into the Data Bank of the Universe\” posted in the files and photos in the group:

My device Qi Magen also creates a field of Flower of Life using M-Field converters of the 12 classes of magneto-electrical impulses that are characteristic for for each individual human being.

\”Already we discover that the present man has become like a god for the primitive people.But the future technology,the one that will make humans similar to the ancient gods was unfolded by Patanjali in Yoga Sutra(Alignment Instructions) in the third chapter(pada) on :Vibhuti(Supernatural Powers) \”-said Henri Coanda(who studied at Rodin,having Brancusi as fellow student);See details on:

You can find in the site mentioned below a sutra of Patanjali on invisibility and morphogenetic(torsion,inerton) fields.The same technology was used in ancient times in creating space-time lenses(pyramids) or for Gravitational Control.

YS 3.21.\”The Gift of Invisibility(antar-dhana)is obtained by samyama on rupa(form)of body(kaya)[rupa being one of the subtle elements(tanmatras)]

See the diagram of tanmatras on:

Two days before Christmas all three sites from neogen were distroyed:


2.a site on Patanjali;ALIGNMENT RULES:

3.a site on Guided Awakening to Love and Understanding (Socrates maieutics for our times )


I have replaced today(25.12.2006) one of the three sites on with: distroyed two days ago by the new wave of Religious fundamentalism in Romania .I was attacked only after I was known to the public. Jesus,Socrates,Wilhelm Reich,Geordano Bruno and so many others were killed in order to keep the old dogmas and preconceived ideas in power to rule the minds of people. Lao Tzu has written only in the moment of departure . Einstein said:\”Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.Nothing in the world makes people so afraid as the influence of independent-minded people.\”

There is a site on Earth Changes in which you can discover :

1.Interplanetary changes at the origin on climate changes on Earth;

2.unknown implications of gold exploitation at Rosia Montana(radioactive contamination;earthquakes triggering;star gate location);

2.underground nuclear test made last month by Ukraine ,in the test ground once used by the former USSR in 1972 and1979, in the north of Romania,that triggered an 5.5 Richter scale Earthquake at Baia Mare on 23 of November 2006; An underground nuclear test was made today,23 NOVEMBER 2006 (7:15 UTC) by Ukraine that has triggered an 5.5 Earthquake (nuclear blast earthquake seismographic signature is different from a natural one, because only the first begins like a wall;see different seismogram signatures below:)

Now I will present in what manner I was attacked: computer was atacked two times last month(also I was forced to repair many times my forums.);

2. my power supply was shut down without notice on(7.12.2006);the bill for the power supply of my house was huge (such as an entire block of flats or five big halls of non-stop internet caffe ;I made a contestation in which I asked to be investigated the situation in which a two room apartment has this huge electrical energy consumption.First they stated that their job is only from the network to the electric meter.But this electric meter is situated at the second floor and not in the front of my apartment at the third floor ,and this location facilitates the illicit branching of the other apartments (this fact was verbally confirmed by the block\’s administrator who told my wife:\” why did you permitted this theft to happen during the last 20 years\”);

I last answer from Electrical Distribution Network Co.director Gheorghe Nicolaescu:\”There are not yet 30 days from the moment of lodging a complaint \”;

Now after a week of staying with candles in 21 century ,in Bucharest ,the capital of Romania,the power supply restored.Until now the problem is not solved , because the power supply network remained in the same state as before.

3.due to the expensive bills we pay for electricity we are not able to pay the others costs of the house(cool and warm water,central heating;administration bills)

4. Someone received a letter(17.12.2006) that made him accuse me on plagiarism and to ask the closing of my site, even if his article is quoted and used only to illustrate my discovery in inerton(torsion;morphogenetic) fields.

5.My first QI MAGEN device created by me is patented,homologated by the Ministry(Department) of Public Health and by the The Medical Board of Romania that licenses medical doctors and medical devices,and marketed under a different name by those who has taken possesion of this device, without any respect for intelectual property ;

This facts are proved by a recorded testimony on audio CD from the of the person that has built the first device for me.This is the cause for which the present QI MAGEN, is not patented and homologated at the state institution which administer the organized and legalized theft (OSIM) [you can see also the hystory of QI MAGEN������s creation in the forum];

5.On 12.12.2006 I received a phone convocation at the police to write a declaration for the death of a 92 yers old man

There I discovered unjust accusations from the son of the old man whose death was caused by the high temperatures of this summer in june 2006.I even adviced this old man to take care and to avoid such a long travel in public transport during that hot weather

This old man has a long fight with his wife and son to convice them that he wants to test Qi MAGEN of which he has read in newspapers( Flacara, February 2005).

From the first days after his father received the device for the first month testing his son sent me a lot of e-mails full of threatenings and menaces (I have kept them as proof).These manaces stopped after the discusion with his father in which the latter said to me smiling \”so is my boy mindful\” .Now this son is asking the money back for the QI MAGEN device that was used for three months by his father claiming with false evidence that it was used only for one month.

The same son is accusing me for the death of his father prete
nding in false that I have asked his father to stop the medical prescription of allopathic treatment of diabetes.

I have never recommended to stop the previous medication for the simple reason that this interuption is followed by a period of unprecedented rise of glycemia in which is difficult and even impossible to see the benefic effect of QI MAGEN in stabilizing glycemia at a normal level. QI MAGEN has a benefic stabilizing and regenerating effect which is followed by an increased insulin secretion in islets of Langerhans.

I gave him an example illustrating the stopping of previous medication in which this is compared with the lessening of the pressure that keeps a ball under water;this ball will jump higher , the more deep is kept by the medication.This apply also if someone uses psychotropic drugs to control depression ,insomnia or psychomotor agitation;

Un savant din Ukraina imi scria zilele trecute ca probabil suport consecintele comportamentului meu sau al karmei.I-am raspuns ca in mod sigur Iisus,Socrate,Giordano Bruno si atatea mii de deschizatori de drumuri ,care au fost eliminati ,au suportat si consecintele intolerantei contemporanilor lor.In raspunsul meu l-am citat pe Einstein care spunea:

\”Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

Nothing in the world makes people so afraid as the influence of independent-minded people\”.

Si acum noutatile:

1.Dupa ce au oprit lumina fara preaviz in 7.12.2006 si au redeschis-o pe 14.12.2006 fiindca in data de 13.12.2006 am achitat toate facturile restante,azi(20.12.2005) am primit o instiintare ca ne va fi oprita lumina pe 25.12.2006 pt facturile pe care deja le-am achitat.Asta in situatia in care orice calculator din reteaua oficiilor comerciale poate confirma plata.Poate ca li s-au sters calculatoarele peste noapte sau vor sa acopere pt. cei din afara sistemului faptul ca nu au avizat inchiderea initiala.D-l dir. Gheorghe Nicolaescu(retele electrice Bucuresti;tel:3009410/fax2065802) nu mi-a raspuns la scrisoarea anterioara fiindca nu au trecut inca 30 de zile din 8.12.2006.In atasari se gasesc documentele care atesta preavizul de ieri si chitantele de achitare a sumelor pt. care se face aceasta avizarea fictiva.

2.Politistul de la Circa 12 (care m-a convocat in data de 12.12.2006) mi-a comunicat azi 3.01.2007(ora 9:00) ca imi intocmeste actele de urmarire penala fiindca domnia sa a primit confirmarea de la Ministerul Sanatatii ,ca nu ar exista o omologare si o licenta pt. dispozitivul creat de mine pe numele Qi Magen



Sri Yantra and 2 D Pyramids

Swami Satyananda on the Yantra -The Yantra is a tool that takes us from the Macrocosm to the microcosm. Swamiji eloquently shows us how

Chakras, yantras, crop circles, cosmic

Pentru a iesi din tipare am gasit doua clipuri de magie si divertisment postate la Pyramid power !!!