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Generatoarele de Campuri M(Morphogenetice;de torsiune) de genul Armonizatoarelor

(piramidelor tridimensionale,spiralelor,Sri Yantra,Florii Vietii,generatoarelor orgonice si de campuri sonice)

si utilitatea lor pentru atenuarea catastrofelor geo-climatice,pentru agricultura si

pentru vindecarea tulburarilor psiho-somatice

M-Field Generators as Harmonizers are used for Environmental , Agricultural and Health Promotion
Din acest articol putem afla de ce raza de actiune a Graal Star a depasit dupa activare
o piramida tridimensionala de 150 m inaltime si are un efect de regenerare si de stimulare a evolutiei spirituale mai mare decat dea mai scumpa Rudraksha(cautati articolele precedende din acest blog)


Environmental Harmonizer, Feedback Loop,
Acu-Vac Coil, ½ Cubit Light Life Ring.
The image and the text below was presented to illustrate why Graal Star has such a great area of action far more than the Great Pyramid

This is from Slim Spurling\’s official web site and is dedicated to Personal and Environmental Wellness through recent discoveries made by scientists and ordinary people from all walks of life. He has started his work with the Geobiology of Stress Reduction. This process resulted from forty years of combined research in microbiology, forestry, and herbal nutrition along with diverse experience through the studies of metaphysics, the Far East and American Native Shamanism. A rich background in applied problem solving utilizing biologic knowledge, chemistry/physics, quantum physics, bio-feedback training, psychotronic research, and extensive study in learning-how-to-learn. And, the world\’s oldest personal growth approach … meditation…

All the Light Life Tools.


Unauthorized reproduction of this technology is occurring in New Zealand and possibly other locations, some of these products being sold through Earth Transitions/Christan Hummel. These devices may have unpredictable and/or adverse effects

(for details see:

Harmonizers and M- field effect for the Health of the Planet

Slim Spurling\’s newest Harmonizer

The \”Storm Chaser\”

Light Life Technology™

by Cal Garrison
with Slim Spurling

With bizarre weather and seismic conditions becoming the order of the day Slim Spurling had to build a different kind of Harmonizer just to keep up with it all. Moved primarily by the \”Katrina Disaster\”, and the hurricanes that followed in her wake, it became clear to Slim that the field effects of his existing Harmonizers cannot handle the intensity of the dynamics that feed into these severe weather patterns. Fresh off the workbench, his newest inspiration, the \’Storm Chaser\’, is now available to our Spirit of Maat customers.

Using six-gauge copper wire and the Sacred Cubit measurement (20.6 inches) this larger Harmonizer is gold plated and has a passive range of 100 miles. When activated with the Environmental Clearing ™ CD the field radius expands to approximately 2,500 miles. To soften and ground the field effect Slim decided to cement one of Norm Howard\’s \”Bio-Ceramic\” hemispheres into the base of each unit.

Preliminary field tests indicate that the \’Storm Chaser\’ modifies the intensity of these anomalous \’Super Storms\’ and in some cases, stops them dead in
their tracks. With destructive weather patterns predicted to increase those of you who live on or near coast lines, or in any location where cyclonic weather conditions occur on a seasonal basis may want to consider owning one of these new units. If so, you can purchase your \’Storm Chaser\’ through the Spirit of Ma\’at.

To support a wider distribution of \’Storm Chasers\’ all over the globe the Spirit of Ma\’at wants to encourage groups of like-minded individuals to pitch in and buy them collectively. Cooperative ownership will make it possible for more of these units to get up and running before the 2006 storm season.

We have also decided to run a \’Special Offer\’. For the next 90 days the Spirit of Ma\’at will sell \’Storm Chasers\’ for $2,400 – that\’s $400 less than the regular retail price of $2,800. This offer comes with a 30-day, money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your \’Storm Chaser\’ you can send it back within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund, minus the shipping charges.

More information about Slim\’s newest harmonizer

In order to help all of you understand what this wonderful device is capable of we decided to call Slim up and ask him what makes the \”Storm Chaser\” different from his Environmental and Agricultural Harmonizers? Always generous with his time and his knowledge the following file is included here for those of you who wish to have more detailed information.

\”The Storm Chaser came about as a result of my concern for the increasing levels of pollution, which exacerbate the natural tendency of tornados and hurricanes to wreak havoc wherever they strike. Hurricanes start off the coast of Africa as a result of the massive density of positively charged dust particles which blow off The Skeleton Coast during the periodic sand storms that plague that area during the summer months.

These positively charged ions have a counterclockwise spin, or a negative spin. (Anything with a positive charge and a negative spin is destructive to life) In the density and the duration of the storm positively charged particles tend to drag the atmosphere into a massive counterclockwise rotation which, depending on the density of charge and duration of the sandstorm, may develop into a tropical storm and then into a hurricane.

All toxic materials have a positive charge and a negative spin. When any cyclonic rotation persists it steadily draws in more positive charges, in the form of pollutants, from hundreds of thousands of cubic miles of atmosphere. As the density of the toxins increases and positive ionic charges accumulate near the center, the force behind the storm rotation increases.

Based on my personal observation of atmospheric pollution in the Caribbean during a couple of flights over the area, it is far and away more polluted than any comparable area I have seen in the last ten years. So these \’Super Storms\’, which originate off the coast of Africa, inevitably and suddenly increase in strength as they move out over the Caribbean and the Gulf and pull in polluted air from the populated mainland.

Huge storms are now appearing in the Southern Hemisphere, witness the recent one called \’Larry\’ in Australia, and the first ever storm off Brazil a year ago. These severe weather patterns were all due to the increasing pollution and resultant drought conditions caused by industrialization and the overuse of petroleum fuels.

Having a clear grasp of what lies behind the upsurge of violent weather that is wreaking so much havoc all over the globe, I decided to develop a Harmonizer that can cover large volumes of atmosphere. While the effects of my Environmental and Agricultural Harmonizers have been well demonstrated and proven, over and over again, their field radius is not big enough to handle storms of this magnitude. In order to encompass the amount of atmosphere that feeds these \’Super Hurricanes\’ I had to invent a bigger unit. This is what led to the creation of the \’Storm Chaser\’

The \’Storm Chaser\’ is a one, Sacred Cubit design made with heavy, six-gauge material. Each unit comes with one of Norm Howard\’s Bio-Ceramic Hemispheres cemented into the base. The Hemispheres appear to modify, soften, and ground the overall field effect. The passive range of the \’Storm Chaser\’ is estimated at 100 miles. When activated with the \’Environmental Clearing\’ CD the field radius expands to cover approximately 2,500 miles.

The hemispheric field effect of the \’Storm Chaser\’ contains 3.2725 to the tenth power of cubic miles of atmosphere. That is considerably reduced if we consider that the polluted atmosphere is only about 50,000 feet thick, giving us a disc 2,500 miles in radius and 9.5 miles thick of toxic air. If you \’do the math\’ the energy field of the \’Storm Chaser\’ contains about 186,000 cubic miles of atmosphere. (It just so happens that the speed of light at the Earth\’s surface is 186,000 miles-per-second…..coincidence of numbers? I think not!)

The \’Storm Chaser\’ functions primarily to reduce air pollution and mitigate the resultant \’Super Storms\’ arising from these high pollution levels. Secondarily, they function to improve plant growth, and thirdly to reduce soil and water toxins, and improve marine environments near coastlines. It is my wish to place many more of these units in particular on several of the Caribbean Islands and in the coastal cities adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico prior to this year\’s storm season. They are also urgently needed in Southeast Asia and the populated areas of the Southern Hemisphere.

To give you an idea of what the \’Storm Chasers\’ are capable of, it might help you to know that right after the \’Katrina\’ disaster I sent the first units to Florida where they were installed in Pensacola, Sarasota, and Vero Beach. The next unit got sent to a site near Galveston, Texas, about 200 miles inland.

Predicted to be heading toward the middle of the Florida coast, Hurricane \’Wilma\’ got diverted by the \’Storm Chaser\’ manned by Anthony Cowlan in Sarasota. That storm hit the Keys briefly. It then scooted out to sea and took a sudden Northeastern path. Deprived of its negative ionic charge over the cooler Atlantic, \’Wilma\’ dissipated rapidly, due to the high numbers of different sized Harmonizers maintained by people in our network up and down the Eastern seaboard.

Hurricane \’Rita\’ was predicted to hit Galveston and inexplicably shifted to a Northeastern course, heading toward Houston instead. When it got to Houston the eye of that storm ran into the 65-mile wall of energy produced by the dozen active Agricultural Harmonizers manned by the people in Sandee Mac\’s network. \’Rita\’ lost her steam and collapsed suddenly a few miles out to sea.

These are not the first observations of the Harmonizer\’s effect on hurricanes. Six small units in and near Moorehead City, North Carolina stopped \’Bonnie\’ dead in her tracks, dropping her wind velocity by 10 MPH an hour after they were activated.\”

All of us on Earth deeply grateful to Slim for providing us with this information and for everything he is doing to heal the planet. It is our wish to get the word out to as many people as we can, with the hope that those of you who feel called to get involved in Slim\’s environmental clearing work will be moved to take action and become part of his \’Storm Chaser\’ network.


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