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A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.\”

— Max Planck


At the risk of stating the obvious for anyone heading up a secret government ‘Black Op’ scientific project, Dr. Dan Burisch’s work in Project Lotus was never intended to see the light of day in any peer-reviewed academic journal. LINK

Which is probably just as well – since the ‘science’ in question isn’t the kind of thing today’s orthodox scientific world would approve of. Indeed they would even say it doesn’t exist. That it’s simply crazy. That it breaks all known scientific ‘rules’. Obviously, the received wisdom of \’Academia’ is ALWAYS right. After all, why question EVERYTHING you were ever taught about the world and know to be true?

Why indeed?

Because if Dr. Dan Burisch’s conclusions are correct we live in a very different world to the one scientific orthodoxy (and a lot of other powerful institutions) would have us believe.

Or is the ‘truth’ – as Dr. Dan Burisch’s findings point to – that we presently live in a time which will become known in future years as ‘the scientific dark ages’ when almost everything we thought we knew about the universe and ourselves was plain wrong.

It’s an incredible thought…but the scientific findings, which frame this whole saga, are – if anything – even more astounding.

What you are about to read isn’t the science of Star Trek – a world generations away from the here and now. But it is our future – the science of tomorrow – today – and it is very real. For science fiction, read science facts.

So open your mind, suspend disbelief and prepare to see the world in which we live in a whole new light…

The Lotus.
What the crucial terminology means:

The Lotus (Project designation) is ‘the genesis seed.’ The potential seed that was sprinkled by The Creator of the Universe. As Project Lotus unfolded (See ebook Eagles Disobey Volume One) the origin of life was theorized to come from a seeding virus that is now split in two. Part is in the earth and part is in cells. There was found to be communication between the genes of the virus in cells and the soil part of the virus. Dr. Dan Burisch calls this The Lotus and the Flower of Life.

The Vishnu (The Great Maintainer and Preserver) is the cellular component of The Lotus.

Ganesh Particles (The remover of obstacles) are the communication medium. These are to be the greatest isolation difficulty and may only be realized directly by the identification of The Vishnu, The Shiva and the behaviour between the two.

Shiva (A reproductive power which restores what has been dissolved) is the lithosphere component (the natural state of which was unknown at the start of the project).

The Project Lotus team headed by Dr. Dan Burisch reconstructed a theoretical Lotus from constituent parts the V, the S and the GPs.
In insider slang, L= V+ G+S (’Las Vegas’)


A warning from the time of Genesis

Knowing the potential of this discovery, Dan was mindful to give the following admonition:

I must give a warning concerning those that may seek to rejoin the Lotus, once fully understood:

\”And so he drove the man out and posted at the east of the garden of Eden the cherubs and the flaming blade of a sword that was turning itself continuously to guard the way to the \”tree of life\”.\”

Genesis 3.24

Dr. Dan Burisch explains The Ganesh

Simply put by Dr. Dan Burisch; \”As for Ganesh Particles (Pavitrakas), these are electromagnetic bundles, which are capable of acting as transportation devices of DNA/RNA and probable enzymes.\”

images of GP\’s 2004 – see science image gallery for more

\”The Ganesh is an energy transfer, from the Shiva to the Vishnu, and expresses itself in our one dimensional constraints by sacred geometry.

The Lotus is a reality that can bring about a deeper understanding of the actual process that brought about life on earth.\” ––Dr. Dan Burisch

Recently Dr. Dan Burisch commented on the discovery of The Ganesh:

\”I found the GPs quite by accident! I had originally posited a search for the remaining artifacts (biomarkers) of a panspermia –induced virus…

….The anomalous \’flare\’ phenomena of May 31 2001 got the whole ‘Ganesh Particle’ thing moving. My research was somewhat prosaic, but I was apparently led…elsewhere.\”

During Project Lotus Dr. Dan Burisch explained his then scientific thinking on the Ganesh Particle as follows: \”It is currently believed that The Ganesh Particle is a dense collection of electromagnetic waves, containing information, and floating on a river of less dense magnetism.\”

As each particle (dense collection) passes a nearby living object, the image of the shape of that object appears to bend over and onto the particle, giving the false appearance that the particle is actually such a prosaic item. When it nears its destination, (the method of that target determination is not yet known), it hovers above the target cell, then chemically communicates with it by spraying what appears to be chemical substances on the target cells surface.

It lands and instantly begins a rapid division process that ultimately results in a bridge of cells that connect the target cell to a nearby cell. The cells of the bridge stop their life sequences at particularpoints, offering some kind of frozen library from whence the target algae cells could be given necessary information to change and help them.

A tube with a needle-like penetrating end enters the nucleus of the target cell and the cell at the other end of the bridge. This tube (for the purposes of name assignment called the Shiva Linga) winds all the way through the bridge between the two cells (the target cell and the one on the other end of the bridge; the tube can be observed entering the nuclei of all the bridge cells between the target cell and the cell at the other end of the bridge). This tube can be observed entering the nuclei of all the bridge cells between the target cell and the cell at the other end of the bridge.

After a few minutes, the bridge detaches and disintegrates. Biochemistry of the surrounding medium revealed no traces of the substance that created the bridge. It is possible that the bridges are composed of some kind of condensed electromagnetism, taking the form of cells. Damaged cells were exposed to the particles.

If the universe was intelligently designed – so were we

The universe bears the hallmarks of Intelligent Design. Again this concept is hotly disputed by mainstream science that labels it ‘unscientific’. The scientific community argues that with scientific understanding, the case for ID becomes fatally flawed. This is chiefly because the ID theories cannot seemingly be ‘tested’ in any meaningful way.

However, as Dr. Dan Burisch and many other ‘scientists’ demonstrate – an intelligently designed universe isn’t unscientific. This also has tremendous implications for humankind – socially, religiously, and philosophically.

For more information on Intelligent Design see:

Chapter 8 of Divine Cosmos examines the earth changes, concluding the heliosphere is changing and that global warming is real.

Also presented here is the theory that our solar system is moving into ‘a higher aetheric density’ (the space between stars in the local area of this galaxy). In other words, ‘a dimensional shift’. Global warming then, under this thinking, has very little influence on this process. The transition of earth life in the future will also occur to comply with these new earthly biospheric conditions.

On the question of there being evidence for an ‘Intelligently Designed’ universe (e.g. the existence of God), there is a quantum physics theory for life after death – ‘The Pearson Theory’. Briefly it explains in scientific terms how there is an identical copy of our minds, which exists as part of a central consciousness, but kept as an individual part. On death we rejoin this central consciousness. See:

The Princeton-based Global Consciousness Project is also looking for evidence that will support these scientific theories concerning the existence of consciousness. For more information see:

Also see Dodecahedron

Readers of Eagles Unchained Volume One ebook will also be familiar with the 2 tetrahedra-conjoined shapes located under Frenchman\’s Mountain, where Dr. Dan Burisch carried out testing. This apparent Star of David shape in 3D also bears evidence of sacred geometry.



Continue to Part 2

The Science (PART 2)

This overview (\’the science bit’) is for non-Einsteins and Kakus who want a bigger picture of how the concepts surrounding Dr. Dan Burisch’s research really work. For an in-depth view on the scientific principles behind The Lotus Project see: SGP 03-01.

This leaked report to the now-defunct Committee of the Majority (The international group that has encompassed MJ-12 since the mid-1960s) covers all the main scientific issues as well as the philosophical, religious and metaphysical concerns that shape Dr. Dan Burisch\’s scientific approach and enquiries.

During this document reference is made to the Tau 9 Treaty, the DCTP, the Ark and The Voynich Manuscript. Also mentioned are The Tree of Life, Meru and William Henry\’s work –where a shape is offered as a symbol for a \’doorway\’. In Dan\’s view this also seems to link with the DCTP issue.

click on image for larger version(the images are not linked

Dr. Dan Burisch wrote that it was suggested that, \”The Voynich Manuscript may provide clues to the shape and function of items found in the YSC cells, spooled material.\”

However, the only item he could find was the shape similiarity.

He noted some of \”Majestic\’s scholars of the esoteric\” interpreted it as \’probably\’ The Tree of Life.

\”Note the dark oval shape (a node, and opening in the trunk, or a loop?), below the branches and above the roots.\”

The oval shape is also prominent in William Henry\’s work ….wherein the shape is offered as a symbol for a doorway: \”Ru\”, \’doorway.\’

In other words, it is \”Meru\”.

—example, \”Show him the door.\” April 23 2003


The Fruit of The Tree Of Life

The Fruit of The Tree of Life can provide life indefinite (everlasting). This is one of the central issues that shape the entire project. Dan himself acknowledges he must not partake of it but this does not prevent others from observing the ‘Seed.’

\”The ultimate gift of The Fruit is a matter for discussion of religion and a history of texts…
It is God alone (as a Conceptual Being) as a whole who would possess the necessary ability to properly handle and use the Fruit as a source mechanism.\” – Dr. Dan Burisch

Another in the series of \’leaked\’ drafts along with the famous Q94-109A is the SMR 02-02 which bears notes handwritten by Dr Burisch -which were apparently verified by Marcia McDowell in her BJ Wolf days. (See Eagles Disobey Volume One ebook). As well as examining the Biological aspects in great detail, it also mentions religious and philosophical issues such as \’the seed\’ and ‘the fruit.\’

Stargates, Wormholes, or Einstein-Rosen Bridges (ERBs)
are not a TV series

During work on the Lotus Project, quartz crystal samples were removed from The Great Unconformity at nearby Frenchman\’s Mountain in an area nicknamed \’the Vishnu Schist.\’ It was here the discovery was made that the Ganesh emanates from the Quartz using Hydrogen as its carrier. (This story is told in full in Eagles Unchained Volume One ebook). However, another remarkable event took place in this very same area. An energy source was detected nearby and a geometric figure was observed over the Schist area – corresponding with the Schist being thumped with electricity from HAARP (A government ionsphere-heating ELF device in Alaska). See:

A Stargate was subsequently confirmed with the other node at Alnilan (Epsilon Orionis) in The Orion constellation. In the world of \’Black ops\’ incredible phenomenon such as this are taken as \’matter of fact\’ events, which many – but not all – in the outside scientific world would find hard to believe.

Also evident from the Dr. Dan Burisch saga is that ancient peoples from the days of Sumer –incredible as it seems – seemed to possess \’Stargate technology\’.

Stargates, then, are not just the subject of a popular TV series but also a real aspect of current Quantum Physics. Known in scientific circles by their correct name of Einstein-Rosen Bridges (ERBs), they are theorised to form a \’wormhole\’ that allows travel through space and also time. Various theories exist here. For Jack Sarfatti\’s views on Metric Engineering Star Gates see:

Interestingly, Bill Hamilton said:

\”Dan has talked to me about the stargates, gateways, and wormholes or, as he sometimes called them, ERBs (Einstein-Rosen Bridges). Science treats wormholes or traversible wormholes as a theoretical object since they have never really detected one (officially). According to theory wormholes and stargates (a flat entry portal to a wormhole) require exotic matter.

The exotic nature of the edge material requires (\”negative refractive index\”- this is added by DM-see the article on \”invisibility\”),energy density and tension/pressure. But the laws of physics do not forbid such materials. The energy density of the vacuum may be negative, as is the Casimir field between two narrow conductors. Negative pressure fields, according to standard astrophysics, drove the expansion of the universe during its ´inflationary´ phase.

In fact some physicists believe that the vacuum can be polarized into positive and negative pressure fields and produce antigravity as a driving force.

Wormholes allow time travel. It is possible that ET craft are making use of wormholes explicitly for this purpose.

It may be possible to engineer a wormhole that does not require exotic matter. Some physicists are speculating along these lines and it seems imperative that we develop a fast road to the stars in order to explore other worlds within a lifetime.\”

On a more Metaphysical note, some people see a stargate or wormhole as an \”etheric interdimensional energy alignment between two points in interstellar space.\” This allows high vibrational energies to pass through long distances of space. These sub-atomic energies allow the acceleration of the awakening and gathering of group consciousness –in line with the Intelligently Designed \’plan\’ which the Creator has for the universe.\”

Time and Space waits for no man, woman or J-Rod

Prof Stephen Hawking has even modified his theory on Black Holes, which some Quantum Physicists believe may produce a wormhole effect(see the same thing on twin universes and the absence of black holes in the \”UMMO MYSTERY COMMENTARY\” by DM):

Leading theoretical physicists such as Michio Kaku are also contemplating the possibility of time travel:

Lynd\’s groundbreaking Time theory can also be found discussed at:

In the hunt to find a Unified Physical theory, which eluded Einstein, both Superstring and MBrane Theory have their advocates. For an introduction to Superstring theory see:

Alternatively for the theory proposed by Max Tegmark on Parallel universes see:

William Hamilton has an interesting take in that his view is the key here is the Vortex and specifically, a quantum vortex with the configuration of a Torus ring.
See Cosmic Matrix part 3 on

Nick Cook\’s book the Hunt for Zero Point also shows the probability of stargate technology existing is tantalisingly real. He notes that the Nazis invented it. See Into the Black:

Also on Zero point see Engineering the Zero-Point Field and Polariazable vacuum for Interstellar Flight by H.E. Puthoff, S.R.Little and M.Ibison –archived at:

Today Dr. Hal Puthoff and Dr. Eric Davis at Earthtech ( have teamed up to try making Stargate technology a reality outside the world of \’Black ops.\’

Dr. Harold Aspden of Cambridge University has proven mathematically that the Aether in space has varying levels of density creating what he calls \’space domains.\’ So an Aether particle is a quantum field bubble or Aether Sphere. The theory behind these comments on corresponding Aetheric density to his models resulted in his 1972 paper. A work that was rejected by academia as being \’too numerological\’. See: – lecture 10

Later work by Pasichnyk proves \’the existence of a Parker spiral-type formation of charging aetheric energy levels in the galaxy.\’ (Divine Cosmos Chapter 8) Pasichnk then said the amount of energy emanating from the core of our galaxy is of unimaginably massive strength (10 times higher than the universe as a whole).

The Arp/ Tiff / Aspden model proves the Galactic centre of our Milky Way galaxy is by far the greatest source of aetheric/torsion-field energy in the galaxy. Attempts to suppress this information are allegedly being made by mainstream science.

From Aspden\’s studies, he discovered the aether lattice structure had to be simple cubic in form. He later found 27 quons (particles) are seated on the lattice sites in cubic array.

Biophotons, as we know, from Dan\’s conversations are important in the production of the GPs as they follow classic Biophoton behaviour. (Also our DNA is responsive to Biophotonic stimulus). For further information on Biophotons, see the work of physicist David Bohm. Also see The Biophonic Quantum Holographic Matrix by William F Hamilton III:
(Archived at )

For information on DNA being stimulated by infrared light see:
Also see The Secret Life of Plants by Christopher Bird.

Similarly in the 1940s Walter Russell predicted a mind-centred electromagnetic universe, cyclic in nature and eternally \’creating\’ as opposed to the expanding \’Big Bang\’ universe of current theory.

In his book, The Secret of Light, he examines and proves that the light wave structure of universal creation/ the creation of elements that make up our visible world and the cyclic nature of life and death are a unified continuum.

Whatever the groundbreaking thinkers above do show, one thing is clear –mankind is still trying to make sense of the great enduring mysteries of time, space and the universe. In fact, the more we learn, the less we seem to know about it all. Current day science has got a lot of growing up to do.


Ancient gods with futuristic knowledge

The supposition is also that the rogue J-Rods have been returning to the past to adjust the timeline to their benefit in the future, thus causing the overlay issues behind the DCTP. How did ancient civilisations gain so much seemingly advanced knowledge – whether it is the Mayans with astronomy or the Egyptians with The Pyramids – or other ancient societies? Were the ancient gods really futuristic evolved humans who were worshipped by ancient people as gods because of their technology? –the evidence seems to point in this direction.

In Eagles Disobey Volume One ebook – during \’Inca City\’ days, Dan theorised a \’bridge\’ (E.g. stargate or wormhole) between a tomb in Egypt and Orion when the correct planetary alignment occurred. See Egyptian knowledge for more details of just how much the ancients really knew of the future.



The 27 Blue Apples Tones

The Blue Apples Tones are involved in Continuous Creation.

In the ongoing debate of Creationism vs. Evolution, Philosopher and Cosmologist Arthur M.Young has a unifying theory of the evolutionary process. His philosophical foundation consists of four levels of reality. Young\’s paradigm envisages 7 phase states of Continuous Creation. See: Note: in Figure 1B The Torus (also identified by The Meru Foundation independently from Dr. Dan Burisch) is a self-referential \’time structure? with numerous unique properties.

Meru Foundation research ( can show the letter sequences in the Hebrew text of Genesis are part of an effective science of consciousness. This is supported by independent peer-reviewed studies.

There is also historic mention of The Blue Apples – in connection with Mary Magdalene and the Grail[See the articles on\”Sacred Fruit(seed;tree);Rudraksha;Shiva tears;God\’s tears] which William Henry has produced a fascinating mythological examination of the relevant beliefs. Mary Magdalene was described as the woman who knew \’the all\’ [The Blue Apples].

We also have a fragment of metaphysical explanation from Dan about how the tones \’create a foreign being.\’ We also know how Plato ascribed the first 4 Platonic solids to the elements –earth, air, fire and water. The 5th element (sometimes described as \’ether\’or quinta essentia) is an invisible substance that cannot be described by the senses. (Some traditions describe it as prana or \’life force?). It is the element that flows through all the other 4 continuously.

If, as we theorise, \’light creates matter\’, then is \’the foreign body\’ Dan speaks of – quintessence or the Holy Spirit? If so, then this may be symbolised by the 5th platonic solid, the Dodecahedron.

Dr. Dan Burisch and Marcia McDowell are currently engaged in a project that uses elements of the Blue Apples Tones in a project aimed at producing \’musical healing\’ through sound. Many other scientists, musicians and independent researchers are also engaged in study in this area. See: ;

\”Any application, such as the fusion of music – video in DVD or other forms, adds to the relationship between the tones and the Flame letters a further algorithm barrier, an act of intended humility before God\’s Cherubim, so that what we record are not the tones themselves, but an expression of them. As we, as every thing we know, is an expression from them.\”

Click here for the mythological, metaphysical and religious aspects of the Blue Apples including William Henry‘s work. 



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