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Area 51 Microbiologist
Dr. Dan Burisch Ready To Talk on
LOTUS DEVICE FOR DNA REPAIR FROM EBE [Extraterrestrial Biological Entities]

Dr Dan Burisch, Project Lotus and Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Presence

Dr. Dan Burisch, who is in lock-down, working with the Lotus project, seeks immunity to stand before a Congressional hearing or other appropriate public body, to disclose his first-hand knowledge, with proof, of U.S. government involvement in designer viruses and other black-ops.

LAS VEGAS, NV USA (PRWEB) April 8 2004 — Dr. Dan Burisch has first-hand knowledge of the U.S. government\’s involvement in funding the creation of designer viruses for use in biowarfare and other applications. He is also intimately privy to other covert operations that violate normal standards of human ethics.

Because such involvement could implicate him for war crimes charges, he requests full immunity before making such disclosure. The terms of his agreement prohibit that he should specifically request such an appointment for disclosure. He has stated that if subpoenaed he will disclose what he knows, answering specific questions directly.

By splicing together components of various organisms, microbiologists today are able to create new living organism with specific outcomes, both in terms of target as well as resulting disease.

Burisch stated that microbiologists have a way of encoding their \”signature\” into the designer DNA they create, whether in short sequences or those long enough to encode an entire virus.

As a possible scenario, for example, the signature could be comprised of a short segment of base-pairs that bear the microbiologists mark in such a way that other microbiologists can see the signature and readily identify it.

Because Burisch does not yet have such disclosure immunity granted, he spoke hypothetically, saying that if there were a microbiologist involved in such activities, that the microbiologist could place his signature on the resulting organism, unbeknownst to those authorizing the project. That signature could then be called forth from all progeny organisms as evidence of the laboratory origin of the organism, and of the exact microbiologist who created the organism.

This would then provide unambiguous proof more telling than finger prints in a crime scene. In this case, such finger prints are placed there intentionally with the intent of providing retrospective proof of the deed.

Burisch would also like to press for disclosure of other matters of which he has first-hand knowledge and evidence.

The revealing of his signature will also prove that Burisch is indeed a Ph.D. level microbiologist — a title that was erased when he was inducted into his present covert operation. That erasure was so complete that one could hardly find evidence that Danny B Catselas Burisch ever lived if it were not for the Internet and private sharing of documents of evidence. Catselas was his father\’s last name. He had his name legally changed to Burisch with a recent marriage to a woman by that last name, who is also a principal in the covert operations.

He is presently working on the Lotus project at Area 51 north of Las Vegas, in a secret extra-budget operation under the umbrella direction of a non-e
lected shadow international governing body that has covert ties to the U.S. government and with extra-terrestrials.

The Lotus project involves studies of what is called a \”Ganesh particle\” which is capable of repairing damages cells. The Ganesh particle itself, which gives off light, has characteristics of being a living intelligence.

Burisch has witnessed an extra-terrestrial being first-hand at Area 51. That exposure included touch, probing, measuring body function, communication via hand signals.

Burisch is witness to human subjects being held against their will for experimentation per covert treaties between the U.S. government and extra-terrestrial governing bodies. The treaty, called Tau-IX, allows for abduction, removal of blood and reproductive samples and tissue; and does not control whether humans are maimed, tortured or that they might expire.

SOM1-01, the Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual of April 1954:
\”Any encounter with entities known to be of extraterrestrial origin is to be considered to be a matter of national security and therefore classified TOP SECRET. Under no circumstance is the general public or the public press to learn of the existence of these entities. The official government policy is that such creatures do not exist, and that no agency of the federal government is now engaged in any study of extraterrestrials or their artifacts. Any deviation from this stated policy is absolutely forbidden.\”

Burisch does not believe that these activities should be held back from the knowledge of the American and International lay community. His desire for disclosure is shared by others of his colleagues.

There are even those among the directorate who are helping to leak information from inside the covert operations out into public domain.

A primary vector for this disclosure has been taking place on an unmoderated forum at under a thread about Dan Burisch that is now in its fifth volume, with over 10,000 posts in all. There, those on the \”inside\” of the covert operations ,who are defecting against their obligations to non-disclosure, post information to the forum where it is openly analyzed for authenticity and catalogued.

This forum thread commenced approximately six months ago and recently had been losing momentum due to lack of concrete information. Even with the occasional patch in to Burisch with a web cam, there was no way to prove that the web cam footage was not taken at a prior date.

Those on the forum were not even sure Burisch was actually alive, and that it was him that they were conversing with on these privileged disclosures on rare occasion.

As someone in the know has watched this process, he recently decided to actually let two people from the \”outside\” have an in-person meeting with Dr. Dan Burisch. Per a request made by a major forum participant, Harry Dschaak (forum name: harrdrawk), an invitation was extended for him and write-in U.S. Presidential Candidate, Sterling D. Allan (forum name: wallrace), to have an in-person meeting with Burisch.

A first attempt was made on April 3. The meeting was to have taken place in front of the UNLV campus Leid library at 10:00 am. The two outsiders were coming in under the cover of being inside directorate. This cover was exposed prior to the meeting when it was determined by security that there were no inside directorate coming into Vegas on the day appointed.

A second and successful attempt took place two days later at another location, where a window of one hour stretched into three as the two outsiders identified themselves with a pass code that only could have been given them from someone trusted on the inside.

On the following day, Allan reported on that encounter with a post to the GLP forum. That was then followed up the next day, April 7, with a leaked message in which Dan Burisch responded point-by-point to Allan\’s report, as requested by an individual named \”J1 (Majesty/Directorate PD/SF, Washington, D.C.)\”.

The leaking of that document constitutes perhaps the most unambiguous source of information regarding this covert operation that has yet been obtained.

Within minutes of that post being made, the forum went down. But those who intimately watch the forum immediately got on the phone with each other and made a copy of the relevant page and circulated it among their mailing lists.

When asked if this is the biggest development since the forum thread commenced six months ago, Dschaak, Allan\’s running mate, replied, \”No, this is the biggest thing to happen since the JFK assassination. We are on the verge of alien disclosure — something we have been seeking for decades.\”

Dschaak is in process of assembling a brief list of questions that should be posed to Burisch in a hearing. Over the past six months, GLP has accumulated a list of key questions to ask based on the intelligence they have been gathering.

The above press release is found at


Dan Burisch\’ leaked reply to Sterling Allan\’s report.

Allan\’s report of the April 5 meeting with Burisch

Back-up copy of Allan\’s report of his meeting with Dan Burisch

Back-up copy of Burisch\’ reply to Allan.

See: Forum > Thread about \”Burisch\” Peter7\’s library of GLP posts and key documents.

Allan/Dschaak Campaign site.


Skywatch International, hosted by Bill Hamilton, who interviewed Burisch in a room at UNLV on Sept. 18, 2002. He also visited with Burisch in March of 2004, but was under non-disclosure in that communication, as part of the project.

articol scris de Liliana Alexandru /Revista Misterelor

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(vedeti si informatiile de pe link-urile de mai jos:

Domnul Olaru Mirahorian a creat diferite aparate care au menirea de a ajuta pe cei aflati in suferinta. Unul dintre acestea este dispozitivul Qi Magen Star . Domnul Olaru Mirahorian a avut amabilitatea de a ne raspunde la cateva intrebari in legatura cu efectele miraculoase ale Qi Magen Star

Ce este Qi Magen Star si pe ce principii functioneaza?

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Actualul model al Qi Magen Star se bazeaza pe biologia cuantica a undelor scalare care au capacitatea de a se propaga prin oricare forma a realitatii multidimensionale si de a transfera informatiile imprintate pe undele scalare modulate.
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Ce efecte are asupra organismului?

Dispozitivul Qi Mager Star produce un vortex(vartej) care este capabil sa echilibeze si sa armonizeze toate celalalte tipuri de vartejuri ( chakras, centri energetici secundari) de pe canalele energetice utilizate in acupunctura,qigong presopunctura, reflexoterapie, moxibustie.

Care sunt indicatiile terapeutice ale Qi Magen Star?
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Ce cazuri deosebite ati avut?
Testarea in clinici din strainatate pt. cancer,gripa aviara-eficacitate 96%
In Romania avem cateva rezultate evidentiate de d-na bioterapeut Iasius Dumitru:
\”Am sa dau spre exemplificare cateva cazuri deosebite.
Elena S de 32 de ani din Arad, diagnosticata cu scleroloza in placi multipla, timp de 4 ani a fost imobilizata la pat, a urmat diferite tratamente recomandate pentru aceasta boala, dar rezultatele erau slabe. I-am recomandat purtarea aparatului Qi Magen Star in permanenta zi si noapte,ceea ce a si facut. Rezultatele au fost spectaculoase, la inceput se putea misca doar spirijinita de altcineva. Dupa 10 luni mergea fara ajutor din partea celorlalti. Dupa inca 12 luni s-a simtit foarte bine.
Amalia Gheorghe, in varsta de 45 de ani din Constanta a suferit o intervenetie chirurgicala, in urma careia i s-a amputat un deget.
Din cauza diabetului avansat, operatia nu se inchidea.Folosind acest aparat Qi Magen Star informatia la nivelul ADN-ului a fost restabilita genetic, ceea ce a facut posibila vindecarea.

Unde pot afla cititorii detalii suplimentare?

Cititorii pot gasi detalii pe situl autorului:
Mai jos se poare vedea faptul ca in Dacia era cunoscut campul Merkaba produs de Graal Star si de piramide( rotatia levogira fiind simbolizata prin simbolul Yin-Yang din centru)

Clasificarea tine cont de :
1.Ierarhizarea functionala a corpurilor sau invelisurilor in materiale,energetice si informationale( Daca nu se tine seama de ierarhia de comanda care face ca un corp informational sa fie generalul care comanda corpul energetic,iar acesta la randul sau comanda corpul material,atunci se actioneaza eronat asupra soldatilor pt. a corecta generalul;de aici ineficienta metodelor terapeutice traditionale,care se adreseaza ecranului de proiectie al dezechilibrelor-corpului fizic-iar nu sursei perturbatiilor(din plan energetic si informational)
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2.sursa stimulului terapeutic:externa sau interna(in starea de relaxare creierul fiecarui om poate genera impulsurile terapeutice necesare regenerarii, fara a face apel la generatoare externe de tipul Qi MAGEN);

3.tipul de tattva(element)asupra caruia se actioneaza;
[vedeti tabelul celor 25 tattva din filosofia Samkhya:


Page of Voynich Manuscript with what seems to be \”THE TREE OF LIFE\”(see in the articles from:


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