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A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.\”

— Max Planck


Welcome to the club that is the \”human race.\” The only thing you can be sure about the future is it wont be how you imagined it to be.

What did you think it was going to be like anyhow? And what do all these scientific \”musings\” amount to in the \”real world\” – outside all the Black ops?

In other words, does any of this prove \”a damn thing\”?

Is Dr. Dan Burisch a microbiologist? Yes or no? Do the leaked documents look real and talk of real procedures – if a little \”advanced\” Yes or No?

Kit Green MD PhD at Wayne State Medical School in Michigan was initially sceptical of Dan Burischs story but after seeing the June 7 2003 Interview with Bill Hamilton on DVD, he \’has found no evidence of pathology\’. In his opinion, \”Dan Burish isn\’t lying\”.

His response to Bill Hamilton was:

\”It would be foolish for me to ask about a specific area of molecular biology in which I am not as advanced as is he (Dan): his writings on profound biochemical and genetic postulates are beyond my single medical school course in pathophysiology…\”

What about Dr. Dan Burischs \”scientific method\” of utilizing philosophical treatise and sacred texts to inform his studies? How soundly based and well sourced is this?

His conclusions regarding the Hebrew \”Flame letters\” are supported independently by Stan Tenens and The Meru Foundations studies – of more than 20 years in this area. As Stan Tenen, Director of Research, says: \”Our findings are demonstrable to even the harshest critics and most distant cynics.\”

On top of this, also independently, investigative author Tony Bushby – who spent 15 years researching his book \”The Secret in The Bible\” – found the same 22 Flame Letters were at the center of the mysterious force known as \”The Rainbow Serpent inside the Great Pyramid in Giza\”. That\’s something that classic Egyptology makes no mention of.

Stargate technology, as we have seen, is not just pie in the sky imaginings. Hal Puthoff and Dr Eric Davies (amongst others) at Earthtech believe they can make the much theoretical promise in this area into a reality.

In support of space and time travel ideas, Hawking has revised his thinking of Black holes, Michio Kaku is contemplating the possibility of time travel, and all the while the evidence for Zero Point energy (a possible power source for ET craft) is seemingly growing.

And thats just the science on the outside that we know about. For it has been estimated that for every year in the \”real world\”, technology in the \”black world\” evolves 40 years in the same 12-month period. Even if this is an outrageous over-estimate its certainly food for thought.

In a personal communication to Testor Corporation designer, John Andrews,
Dr. Ben R. Rich, the CEO and founder of Lockheed \”Skunk Works\” (The designers of super secret US aircraft) confirmed the US has first-hand knowledge of extraterrestrial craft obtained from crash retrievals and what he termed \”hand-me-downs.

Before illness overtook him, Dr. Ben R. Rich also attended an Aerospace Designers and Engineers conference in 1993. Here, he stated that \”We\” (meaning the U.S. aerospace community/military industrial complex) had in its possession the technology to \”Take us to the stars\”.

Ben Rich was of the opinion that the public shouldnt be told, because he believed they could never handle the truth. Only in the last months of his decline did his opinion reverse 180 degrees – as he begin to feel that the \”International corporate board of directors\” dealing with the \”Subject\” could represent a bigger problem to citizens\’ freedoms than the presence of the extraterrestrials themselves.

Who knows what people who work in a \”Black world\” where such awesome concepts as extraterrestrial life, interstellar flight and the DCTP are standard operating procedure really know – when you break down all the compartmentalised projects and look at the sum total of knowledge. What we are seeing here in the world outside isnt just the tip of the iceberg – its a penguin on the tip of the iceberg.

As in Col Philip Corsos day, the latest extraterrestrial-derived technology is likely to be \”seeded\” by todays Military Industrial complex – a veritable \”whos who\” of top US companies. Like Dr Burisch said; \”give it time and we may invent it.\”

All the science and technology that Dr Dan Burisch (and others) have mentioned (while not proven in its entirety due to the advanced nature of the concepts involved) bears scrutiny – if not by \”peer-reviewed academics\”. So far, nothing – not a single thing – has been shown to a false, a lie or not to work.

It may be easy to dismiss for those who are that way inclined, but thus far no one can disprove it. Just the same way that supporters of Dr Dan Burischs story cannot prove its one hundred percent true – until the day that Disclosure comes. For on that day the worlds of science, religion, theology, politics and human knowledge all turn upside down.

Let\’s also hope the impending 2012 scenario doesnt lead to such a wide scale loss of life as to make Max Plancks observation about the acceptance of these new and advanced scientific rubrics seem almost prophetic


In a videotaped interview on June 7, 2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dan answers questions from several participants were submitted through Bill Hamilton.

Initially, I was briefed that J-Rod was an alien, specifically from the Reticuli 1 and 2 system, specifically from Reticulum 4. I had no idea of the truth. But it was said from Reticulum 4 now (current time). But I had no idea of the truth about how this came to be.\”

— Dr. Dan Burisch

Could you explain briefly what you were briefed on
about who or what J-ROD was?

Initially, I was briefed that J-Rod was an alien, specifically from the Reticuli 1 and 2 system, specifically from Reticulum 4. I had no idea of the truth. But it was said from Reticulum 4 now . But I had no idea of the truth about how this came to be.\”

Illustration © Toni Jannelli 2005

\”As I said to you before, I had never met an \’alien,\’ but I have met an extraterrestrial. I found out subsequent to interactions with the J-Rod. They had personal names. J-Rod simply means \’15.\’ That is a \’basing name\’ of where they are located, the number of light years from our location. So, they took those names and they are identified through the Sigma protocols, the linguistic protocols, with a rod symbol — which was an inertia symbol — and the letter \’J.\’ In fact, that was a combination of Mayan and Egyptian numerology having to do with a rod and a J meaning 5 + 10 = 15.

Fifteen light years away you said that is the planet, Gleise 867c.?
Yes, Gleise 876-c is what I\’ve been told. Now he (J-Rod) did not specifically tell me the location, but the number 15 was mentioned (distance to sun, Gleise 876).

How did the J-ROD et here? from fifteen light years away?
He crashed in (date remembered as either 1953 or 1963), from what I understand outside of Kingman, Arizona. There was a problem involving his physiology and his biophysiological communication. Something in the craft went wrong and, of course, he (J-Rod) is ill, as we know. The (neuropathy) problems and he crashed.

How was he – Was he transported immediately from that crash site to the S-4 facility?
That I don\’t know.

You don\’t know how he came to be at the facility?
I believe he and associates were transferred separately, he originally to the Groom Lake facility and an associate to, I believe, Los Alamos. I have no independent verification of where the associate went, though.

You interacted with the J-Rod. Was there a general procedure for this interaction?
Yes, there was a very specific procedure. After we would be brought in with our helper biologists — there were control and helper biologists in the gallery and the introduction specialists which was myself on a number of occasions.

We entered the Clean Sphere through a large series of protocols involving pressurization and compartmentalization until finally we were pressurized and fully encapsulated in a TES (totally encapsulated suit) to enter the Clean Sphere. Once we were pressurized and entered into the Clean Sphere — I should digress. We had medical evaluation and all of that first. But they ceased doing that after a couple of medical evaluations and were more interested in \’Let\’s just get you in and get the work done.\’

I would enter into the Clean Sphere and I was not supposed to communicate with the J-Rod at all. I was not supposed to know his name. The reality is that we were communicating from the time…

—Dr. Dan Burisch

I would enter into the Clean Sphere and I was not supposed to communicate with the J-Rod at all. I was not supposed to know his name. The reality is that we were communicating from the time that I entered into the \’Ambassadorial Suite\’ external to the Clean Sphere, talking back and forth freely. I could hear whatever he was projecting at me from thought (telepathy) and he could clearly hear what I was thinking. I say, \’hear\’ and I mean perceive (telepathically).

I was supposed to stand over by a holographic projection system which was run like a teleprompter system over to my right that would be run inside of the Clean Sphere glass, hold my hand up and make certain signs. It became a joke. It really did become a joke. Those folks who were watching from the gallery and running the show thought that I was standing there and mimicking the signs and this was the only communication underway. They perceived on the day of the close approach that J-Rod made to me — the grabbing incident — they perceived there was communication that occurred. So, I began getting questions quite extensively about whether or not he was in fact communicating with me because he had promised not to and apparently (to stick to the) signaling unit.

Bill Hamilton has a DVD this videotaped interview for sale on his web site:

This is reported to be a re-enactment by the cherubim.. who was able to mimic its appearance… see more images in the \’entity\’ gallery

Report on the physiology of the J-ROD

The following letter from Dan to an undisclosed individual was posted by an anonymous guest calling themselves \”ME\” who is apparently within the majestic community that surrounds Dan…

I have received information of excellent provenance that provides a definitive answer which lies between your two points of resolution. I am quite surprised that such was offered, as the source understood I would be responding to your query. (Oh, well! Bully for us!) I was provided with this information (#Q-91-740King), during one of my briefings, but didn\’t’t pay as much attention to it when first provided it, as I was more interested in the biological considerations.

I remember skimming it, but the societal stuff wasn’t my \”thing.\” (If you recall, I advised you of that fact, during one of our early meetings at XXXXX.) Being that I was already exposed to the document, I had permission within my emeritus status to have it read to me under the understanding that it was for the purpose of refreshing my memory. The J-Rod at LANL (no longer alive) was a separate J-Rod that arrived in a cooperative effort with the S4 J-Rod. The LANL J-Rod was resident at P+45k-yr. (rounded) at Reticulum, whereas the S4 J-Rod was resident at P+52k-yr. (rounded) at Gleise. The LANL J-Rod was sent to combine efforts with his future (a future exchange effort between societies), with the S4 J-Rod stationed at Gleise. Both traveled to the P-52y location in the Arizona desert as a combined scientific emissary team, which was supposed to land in New Mexico and be greeted by representatives of the MJ-12 working group. The report reads that the crash occurred near Kingman, Arizona. The report makes allusion to a third EBE, dead at the impact site. It makes no other declaration about it. I know it was supposed to be a briefing, but the report was written more in the style of a filed report, and contained areas of both detailed and less tightly woven information.

The report goes on to indicate that the P+52k-yr J-Rods (hereafter called 52\’s) who have been assigned to Gleise are those suffering from higher rates of the peripheral neuropathy as they are no good to the society from whence they came.

P+52k-yr J-Rods (hereafter called 52\’s)
The report goes on to indicate that the P+52k-yr J-Rods (hereafter called 52\’s) who have been assigned to Gleise are those suffering from higher rates of the peripheral neuropathy as they are no good to the society from whence they came. The higher ambient partial pressure of hydrogen and lower normal environmental temperatures enable them to carry out their societal functions, as those conditions reduce symptoms of the neuropathy. The 52\’s society is such that a strict utilitarian approach is maintained over its individuals. This was a way to make them \”worth their salt\”, from their leader’s perspective.

The P+45k-yr. J-Rods (hereafter called 45\’s)

The P+45k-yr. J-Rods (hereafter called 45\’s) are those scientific representatives, direct from Reticulum, not suffering from active peripheral neuropathy. Both representatives possess the generalized short, slim, stature. This report indicates the 52\’s to possess the Type-1-Cockayne- Syndrome-like appearance, and range between 0.91m-1.07m in height (normal stance). The 45\’s stand more erect, and appear significantly taller as a result (normal stance: 1.07m-1.22m). (These numbers must supercede any other recollections of mine as they come right from the measurements in the briefing dossier.) There are also anatomical differences, such as variants in cranial protuberances, eye size, and such…but that is not germane to the issue at hand.

The 45\’s are accustomed to breathing approximately 18% ambient oxygen, whereas the 52\’s are able to acclimate to that same level when the neuropathy is not exacerbated, with supplemental hydrogen partial pressures being therapeutic (see reason below). The report clearly indicates that hyperbaric therapy was applied to both the 45 and the 52, with the 45 recovering sufficiently to handle the present day atmosphere, and the 52 existing likewise (with intermittent supplemental hyperbaric therapy) until August, 1991. The report doesn’t specify when the J-Rod was consigned to permanent enclosure, but it is clear that he could sustain himself in our atmosphere, for short periods, as close as a few years prior to my interaction with him. During the time of first introduction to the 52, it was clear that he could not sustain himself outside of the pressurized clean-sphere environment. True enough, by then he could not. In fact, atmospheric variations were used to control the 52\’s behavior, through the use of negative reinforcement, by pressure induced intumescence. (I was never involved in that kind of activity.)

This briefing dossier also included societal and political perspectives. Prior to my involvement, his formal status changed from \”guest\” to \”prisoner\” as there existed a schism between the human authorities and the society of 45\’s, then showing an up welling of political activity by the \”rogues.\” The 52 was held under arrest, for that reason, as the suspicion was transferred to their society. The \”rogues\”, resident at the time of the 45\’s, didn’t have representation from the 52\’s society. That caused the human authorities to suspect that the \”rogues\” were actually in charge of the 52\’s society and were therefore cloaked under the guise of the majority and not separated as a distinct minority group.

As I understand it, the \”rogues\” in their attempts to justify themselves, are also attempting to change the timelines such that they do not become socially extinct within 7 thousand years between 45 and 52 societies. It may be useful to reiterate that should a cataclysm occur in concert with the history books of the J-Rods, that the evolutionary process which ultimately results in the production of the J-Rods and the Brothers from Orion occurs over many thousands of years of evolutionary process. (i.e. It doesn’t happen overnight!) The only thing we would see, during our lifetime, would be the dead and the efforts to survive on the surface and in the subterranean areas and facilities. Any divergence occurs hundreds of generations into the future. I do believe, in my heart, that we will avert the catastrophe, that the timelines will collapse, and that \”something wonderful\” will either happen or begin to happen.

(Regressing to the mean {so to speak}, though: Implicit in that is also the recognition of prophecy and tribulation. Again, no free lunch, by why would we ever expect it? Just a note— why do the carnival barkers in the media refuse to present that statement/position of mine: looking to a successful future for humanity? They consistently paint the doom then declare themselves as positive, when the only thing they are positive on is their own financial status and fleeting fame! Is it just that they are that desperate to feel in charge, or gain some distorted view of leadership? Sad…anyway…) Now, on to my direct experiences and the linkage between them and the information contained in the briefing.

I will try to confine my comments to his self perception, the issues regarding the neuropathy and heat loss, and the extraterrestrial cytology germane to the discussion; in reverse order.

General cytology as germane to this discussion: (from personal recall, not the report.) In early discussions I referred to the general cytology of the 52\’s as possessing an \”external\” and \”internal\” cytoplasm. Not much was made of it, during any previous interview, and from my standpoint I was always confounded by that lack of inquiry. Of course, I am looking at it from a single direction and am biased toward the biological attributes surrounding my experiences.

The discrete cytoplasmic partitioning was at the focus of the initial investigation, and the team previous to one to which I was assigned left the possible evolutionary pathway leading up to that partitioning as their greatest unsolved mystery. Once we finally received a thorough briefing, we took that issue up and carefully conducted our own investigation into the EBE’s cytology. Of course we used the previous team’s reports, presumptive physiology, biochemistry, photomicrography and electron micrographs to frame up the strategy for understanding the functional morphology. We found that the previous team had rushed through the description of the \”median cytoplasmic membrane\” (that membrane separating the internal and external cytoplasm).

That median membrane was found to be composed of an approximately 58 angstrom thick active smooth endoplasmic reticulum (sER) with an ultrastructure demonstrating multiple vesicular pockets, with probable function of membrane phospholipid synthesis. Some anomalous 20-30 angstrom vesicles were observed, on the exterior (toward outer cytoplasmic membrane) and interior (toward nucleus) surfaces. Those vesicles were associated with what was later determined to be probable endosymbiotic nanobacteria. Ribosomes were ruled out. Rough ER (rER) was found associated with the sER, but that function moves away from the focus of this discussion. Further vesicles were found to be fused to mitochondrial analogs, on exterior and interior surfaces. The mitochondrial analogs were of two varieties: ones that operated under probable prosaic terrestrial oxidative phosphorylation (internal, toward nucleus) and a unique bioregulatory solenoid-like process (external, toward outer cell membrane). The external variety contained cristae, but also invaginated packets which encased the cristae and acted as hydrogen sensors via an anomalous \”gated\” diffusion barrier. Yes, the mitochondrial- analog’s genomes (external and internal varieties) were sequenced and we positively identified selector genes, sequences probable for conservation of nuclear-to-mitochondrial redundancy, and potential enhancer modules. All this data also reinforces the wonderful work of Margulis, relevant to S.E.T.: in other words, the exterior mitochondrial-analogs are presumed to be former endosymbiotically maintained extraterrestrial microbes, probable origin- Reticulum.

So, now you are bored and are asking yourself, \”Where is all this going?\” Ha! Ha! Ha!

The external cytoplasm acts to increase the available energy, when higher
amounts of hydrogen are present and when the temperature of the system is lowered, and supplants the internal cytoplasm’s functions during times of stress to normal cellular equilibrium. Initially, we were limited to the estimation of the equilibrium constants via van’t Hoff (as like the standard log(k1/k2=DHo(T2-T1)/2.303…RT1T2), but were able to nail down the equilibrium pressures across the cell’s exterior plasmalemma and median membrane. (This was specifically alluded to / referred to in the Q94, dealing with action potential generating cells. Of course, by the time the Q94 was produced, we had been specifically targeting the focus of the pathology, whereas much of this is general EBE cellular physiology.)

Now, as you may have learned in a college level biology course, differentiated cells, comprising specific tissues, conduct specific activities that are defined as that tissue’s \”function.\” For instance, cells of a tissue that produce…say…a large amount of a specific type of an anti-freeze glycoprotein (AFGP), would possess the appropriate complement of cellular apparatus (number/ratio of appropriate organelles, etc.) to complete the assemblage, packaging, distribution, movement, and exporting of that protein. Armed with this knowledge, we can now turn to the usage of AFGP’s by the 52\’s. Without going into hours of anatomical descriptions of locations and orientations, suffice to say (for now) that exocrine and paracrine glands exist for the production of specific AFGP’s which act toward thermal hysteresis. We positively identified two varieties of AFGP’s: conventional Type 1\’s (Thr-Ala-Ala) which formed alpha-helical secondary structures and Type 3\’s containing the parallel/antiparallel beta-sheets.

As temperature was decreased around the 52 variety J-Rod, AFGP’s were specifically produced as a physiological result, via increased signaling ultimately into the internal cytoplasm’s apparatus. This function was carried out via a merocrine-like methodology. Peripheral neuropathy decreased the signaling to the glands, and life-threatening hypothermia resulted! On transition from the S4-5\’s Suite Level to the S4-4\’s Gallery Level (where I worked in the clean sphere), the temperature was specifically reduced and hydrogen partial pressures altered, in trials, so as to determine trigger points and baselines (dependent on the neural tissue’s removal point and level of pathogenesis), thus enabling us to create a \”functional\” gross anatomical map of the disease progression. We applied this data against morphometric magnetic resonance type imaging, then staffed it (along with the neurochemistry, associated biochemistry, and histopathology results) against known neuro-biological theory and defined neuropathologies. We found a completely alien (no surprise there) combination MGUS (with specific paraproteins) and anomalous CIDP-like (IgA involved) neuropathy. Immunotherapy was applied via multiple techniques, including t-cell immunosuppression, plasma exchange, blah, blah, blah! Later, even viral transfections were applied. Nothing we applied provided more than minimal and short-lived amelioration of symptoms! Further, the Cockayne-like syndrome increased (by magnitude) the difficulty in handling the pathology, and turned the issue into an almost unimaginable multifocal process. An extensive attempt to further delineate the cytochemistry was applied, and I gradually headed-up the process to apply an early precursor study, using a reversine-like cyclohexylaminopurine. We attempted to dedifferentiate the EBE neuroblasts (by this process and by using mechanical teasing with subsequent chemical/electrical stimulation), with little usable success. As the process of some protein tertiary structure alteration progressed, a sloughing off of the external cytoplasm occurred. This keyed a process which produced presumed multipotent cells which divided into abnormal neuroblast progenitors, not containing an external cytoplasm. In other words…we may have data which can lead to a better understanding of J-Rod evolution, but we were not able to translate that into an efficacious therapy. Add all this to the constant progression of the disease and his acclimatization to the clean-sphere environment and you can get a feeling of what our team faced.

While all this was ongoing, I was making a friend. He saw himself free of the disease and the myopic humans that imprisoned him.

While all this was ongoing, I was making a friend. He saw himself free of the disease and the myopic humans that imprisoned him. He did not see himself, personally, without the Cockayne-like abnormality. That stabilized condition was part of his self image. But, when he looked at me (and the other humans), he felt something he dearly longed: the conjoined resonance. He saw present day humans as what he, on occasion, termed as his \”organic pure form.\”

Love (and may \’God help me\’ for what I know and have experienced),


Additional Information from Bill Hamilton

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2005 1:08 pm
Questions and Answers I posed further questions to Dan to clarify certain statements on the J-Rods.

Here is our exchange…

Bill: I presume you are reading directly from the document and it was placed before you. It seems to me that some movement is afoot to renew disclosure efforts or am I just wishing?

Dan: I don\’t know what they\’re up to with their willingness. I was read the doc over the phone.)

Bill: Not sure of the nomenclature P+52k-yr and P+45k-yr (rounded) – is this an allusion to a year on our calendar? Was this Kingman crash in year 1953 as we have on record or year 1963 as you stated? Bill Uhouse referred to our known Kingman crash of 1953 when he discussed the J-Rod at LANL.

Dan: I believe my recollection concerning to \’53 vs. \’63 was in error. I believe it to have been \’53. #\’s indicate 45,000 and 52,000 (or so) years after present.)

Bill: Does the Gleise atmosphere contain higher concentrations by volume of H2?

Dan: (Yes, and the facilities even more so.)
I hope that clarifies some of the statement. I have a copy of the statement sent to me by someone who researched technical terms. Here is the statement again with technical terms clarified (somewhat)…


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